Why Fortran

Many people think : nowadays Fortran is an old programming language . No, it is a big mistake. Fortran is the only language for scientists. Why??

  • There is a big number of code written in FORTRAN77.

  • With Fortran95 you a have a modern language with all the tools to make pure object oriented programming. You have many sites on the web which explain how to make that if you have not a Fortran2003 compiler. You can download on Internet 2 Fortran95 compiler in freeware : gfortran and g95.

  • The first drawback of language like C ++, is its implementation of pointers, which are in fact only an address, and suppose a linear implementation of memory. More important, C++ is an odd jobs on C, not a real language, portability ??? Read on the web on that subject. Examine in details how java is implemented, you have all the C++, except the pointers !!!!

  • Fortran90 has in it, the functionalities of vector processing. It is the compiler which implements it, and not a odd jobs of yours.

  • Fortran95 has the functionalities of parallel processing.

  • Fortran2003 is a completely object oriented programming language.

  • Fortran code is portable because, an international organisation codifies all the syntax, and what the compiler must do.

  • The future will be
    • object oriented programmin
    • Vector programmin
    • Massive parallel programming
    • Portability

  • Use a research engine on the web, and type : fortran , you will be surprised by the number of sites dedicated to Fortran.

  • If you develop a graphical application, use :
    • C for the graphical interface, directly in the win32API for Windows and with Xlib for Linux.
    • gfortran or g95 (Fortran95 compilers in freeware) for the functionalities of your sofware. Code written in Fortran is more readable than in C. This yedit package is now updated with gfortran with strictly Fortran95 files. FORTRAN77 files are in the package for users which have not Fortran95 compilers. In the future this possibility which be suppressed, because FORTRAN77 is now dead. In the more recent Linux distribution, you cannot find g77, for example in Suse-10.0 you can find gfortran but not g77