History of yedit and zedit

The first yedit was born in 1985 on a UNIX Sun machine of QWERTY type keyboard. It was intensively used in a simulation department thaf I animated (I do not love the word : "I was the boss", because with that word, you will suppose "I was a beans counter"). We develop with my engineers many big and detailed wargames. Approximately 300000 lines of code was written with yedit between 1985 and 1994. The functionality's of yedit where developed in that period. I retained only the necessary functionality's and not decoration.

Near 1994 yedit was put on a PC but with Linux with an AZERTY type keyboard. At those time no coloring syntax, the speed of the PC where too slow.

Near 2002, with appearence of free software on Windows, specialy the GNU software, yedit was put on Windows.

After a first contact, with the editors of devzoo, I realised the advantage of coloring syntaxe.

yedit now has an adjustable coloring syntax, and a total compatibility with g77, the FORTRAN77 GNU compiler of MinGW or gfortran with the fixed format.

Now 2 free compilers of Fortran95 appears, gfortran and g95. So it is necessary to develop an editor for the free form of Fortran90, 95, and 2003. So zedit was born.

Since the 12 january 2004 a new version is now downloadable. This new version have a completly new graphical interface code inpire of POO and toolkit like Motif, but with no use of a toolkit. All the code of the widgets have been extract from the yedit or zedit code and have been installed in separated files which are in common for yedit and zedit. This code is the most identic as is was possible between the Windows and the Linux version. For Windows I use the win32API, for Linux : XWindow.

Since the 1 may 2006 you can download the last version of the package where you can find *.f files (FORTRAN77 files for g77) and *.f95 files (Fortran95 files for gfortran or g95). The functionnalities are strictly the same but the *.f95 files are strictly Fortran95 files with all the deleted or non recommandable methods of FORTRAN77 eliminated, use of modules and all the new things. In fact I only use gfortran for Linux and Windows. gfortran was choose by Suse10.1 to be the Fortran95 compiler of this distribution.

How the Yedit package is built

The Yedit package is built with several layers of freeware and only freeware.

The yedit and zedit code : 36000 lines of code for Windows and Linux version (18000 lines for each). The graphical part of the software and the coloring syntax used and and only used C and the win32API for Windows and XWindow for Linux. No Toolkit was used, compiled with gcc the GNU C compiler of MinGW. The functionalities where written in FORTRAN77 compiled with g77 the GNU FORTRAN77 compiler and the same in Fortran95 compiled with gfortran one of the GNU Fortran95 compiler. You can find now the two type of files : *.f (FORTRAN77 files for g77) and *.f95 (Fortran95 files for gfortran) for users which have g95 or gfortran. The functionnalities are strictly the same, but the *.f95 files are pure Fortran95 files with all the obsolete things of FORTRAN77 eliminated.

The install.zip is obtained with the 7-zip package : see the link page.

The install.exe is obtained with the Inno Setup installer : see the link page.

The web page was created with a HTML editor named Sothink HTML Editor : see the link page.

The counter is the wanadoo.fr counter, my web server.

The Elapse Time counter is written in JavaScript.