When you install the Yedit Package you obtain two editors for the fortran language which are specially useful for software development of code in that language :

yedit : which is for the FORTRAN77, Fortran90, 95, 2003 with its special fixed format of 72 columns. yedit is OK with all the adds of Fortran90 of g77 , the GNU compiler of MinGW or gfortran or g95.

zedit : which is for the Fortran90, 95 or 2003 with its special free format, with a maximum of 132 columns.

Now the Yedit package exist in two version one for Windows and one for Linux. It works on these varietys of Windows : 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP personal or professional. The prefered screen is 768X1024 but it works perfectly up to a 1200X1600 screen on Windows or Linux. You can change dynamically your screen definition, yedit and zedit adapt automatically with the screen.

yedit and zedit have a self adjustable coloring syntax for : background, reserved words and intrinsics, strings, comments and your code. The reserved words of fortran are in two files one for yedit and the other for zedit, and you have models for them for FORTRAN77 and Fortran95.

yedit and zedit use the specific syntax of each Fortran format fixed or free in their working mode, specially for automatic, with Fn keys, cut or concatenete, comments or lines of code.

You can use any number of yedit or zedit on the same file ( editing at different position on the same file) and a save on any of them automatically update all the others.

Special working mode, when you open a file inside yedit or zedit, it is automatically open such that to not destroy your code : automatically open a file in read mode only, but you can extract lines of code, but not modify the code.

You can make an unlimited number of undo, and after a save, a backup is automatically created with the suffix % added.

View of yedit : the FORTRAN77 editor
View of zedit : the Fortran90, 95, F editor

The Yedit package is specially useful if you develop code within the MinGW, lcc-win32 or F software;

You can use a free FORTRAN77 compiler with MinGW or lcc-win32 and a free Fortran95 compiler name gfortran or g95.

If you develop mixed code : the graphical part in C ( Win32API are in C ) and the functionalities in Fortran, you can use wedit ( distributed with lcc-win32 ) and yedit or zedit with Fortran . You can tune the same coloring syntax on wedit, yedit and zedit to have a unified methode of working.

wedit is specially useful for the Win32API and C help with the F1 key.

yedit and zedit for the specific syntax of Fortran.

Very Important : the Yedit package, MinGW, lcc-win32, gfortran or g95 are freeware.

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