Install the Yedit package

After downloading the Yedit package on your computer you have an file, after you must :

  • For Windows :Unzip the file to obtain an install.exe

  • Clic on the install.exe file to install the Yedit package. You can install the package in any directory you want. The fault directory is C:\Yedit a good choice generaly. The install.exe is an automatic classic installation software in freeware : the Inno-Setup installer. The installer create 2 environment variables YEDIT and HOME in the window register with value the diretory in which you install the Yedit package. If the environment variables YEDIT exist before the install of the first Yedit package the only possibility is to install the Yedit package in that directory, if YEDIT is not a directory, no possibility, same thing for HOME. But after installation you cannot move anything : files or directories. You must reboot your PC after that, a problem only with Windows, because if you create or modify an environment variable, before this reboot those modifications are not read by your system.

  • For Linux : Unzip the file to directly have the yedit directory you can install everywhere.

  • Read the readme and install files which are inside the Yedit package to modify or create the environment variables : path, yedit and HOME for Windows and PATH, YEDIT and HOME for Linux

  • Do not clic on the yedit or zedit exec files on the old version. To use yedit or zedit, you must open the control Windows panel to automatically open the files *.f, *.read and *.don with yedit, and *.f90 and *.f95 with zedit. In the new version you can clic on the yedit and zedit exec files.

  • After that you can edit any *.f, *.f90 or *.f95 file only with a clic on it.

  • Inside yedit or zedit you have a on line help file : clic on the F1 key to read the help file.

  • Make the difference between, the Return key which is the left Enter key which goes to the following line, and the Enter key, which is the right Enter key which execute the commands.


After you have choose your Yedit directory. You cannot move any file or directory of the Yedit package. If you want put it in another directory, uninstall it an clic again on install.exe, choose your new Yedit directory and install it. For that you must well-preserved the install.exe file. After installing the Yedit package nothing is written in the windows registers. So to use the Yedit package you must create or modify several environment variables. Read the readme and install file which are in the Yedit package.