How to write software

All that sites are for freeware development

lcc-win32 is a complete system for developement, but with a very useful editor for C or C++which as an adjustable coloring syntax. For mixed programming : wedit for C , yedit or zedit for Fortran, and now you can easily edit in mixed code at the link phase.
has a must : you can click with the F1 key on any win32API or intrinsic C and you have a contextual help.
you have also with lcc-win32 : f2c a fortran compiler which compiles in a C intermediate code and a C compiler.

MinGW is a sofware system to develop programs in freeware, the most known products are :
g77 : a FORTRAN77 GNU compiler which compiles directly in machine code. This compiler has extensions of Fortran90. It is know obsolete.
g95 : a Fortran95 compiler which is now integated with MinGW.
gcc : a C compiler which is essential to program the win32API for the graphical part of the software.
You can mix code within gcc and g95 at the link phase. You can use wedit, the lcc-win32 editor, with gcc .

devzoo is a site which has many links for compilers and editors which are nearly all in freeware. A treasure source for freeware development. You can submit softwares you think good for others. Thank you for everybody.

gfortran(GNU Fortran95 compiler)
gfortran is a real Fortran95 compiler, note and emulation such as F, it is at is beginning of live, but as it is, it is usable. It is a part of the gcc package. you have another free compiler g95 but not in the gcc package.

Fortran links

You have many links for Fortran on the web. Use a research motor on the web and type : Fortran , you obtain a great number of sites. Look at them. I cannot recommend any of them. The list is varying rapidly, Fortran programming is a very live subject between the scientists.

Other links

All that sites are freeware

The Yedit package is installed with a file : install.exe obtained with the Inno Setup. You find it at installer

The Yedit package is distributed with a file : obtained with 7-zip. You can find it at 7-zip

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