I am Claude GERDY

I am a physicist, and for me, a computer is a tool, that must make what I want, and not what the computer scientists think.

From 1970 to 1993, I animated a simulation group which worked on big wargame simulations. yedit the editor for FORTRAN77 was developed at those times, and intensively used. All the functionnalities where developed, within the demands of the users.

Since 1994, I am in an early retirement. It is a hobby for me to put in freeware this editors and to promote them. Fortran is the language of future for scientists and there is little in freeware. It is a great pity that many people obsessed by the fashionable software, think C++ is the correct language to make object oriented programming. Now you have 2 free Fortran95 compiler of name gfortran and g95. Use them and make object oriented programming with perfect portability.

You can write to me at My Email